Standard Steel Building Sizes and Example Scenarios

Why go for a steel building?

A steel structure may seem like a considerable investment, but it can save you money in the long run.

Steel buildings are inherently more resistant to dangers that plague wood structures, like termites, mold, and fires.

They are also durable, low-maintenance, and come in highly-customizable layouts to cater to your needs.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are gaining popularity in industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, and other sectors.

Read on to learn about different types of steel buildings and which metal building sizes will work best for you.

Finding the Right Type of Steel Structure and Size: 5 Examples

Metal building kits feature layouts with easy access and maximum maneuverability.

Here are five metal building ideas for utilizing steel structures of various sizes:

30 x 60 Small Buildings Are an Economical Choice for a Metal Garage

Metal or steel garages outpace traditional buildings.

These 1800 square feet investments are quick to install, last longer, and offer more value for your money in residential and commercial uses.

Tube steel building kits can get small metal buildings such as residential garages and carports up and running in no time.

Vehicles and other equipment can suffer damage if left in the open. Extreme weather and rain, snow, or strong winds can cause rusting, leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

The 30 x 60 metal buildings are weatherproof and will keep your automobile safe.

They offer a wide variety of customization and versatility.

There is ample space to store your boat, RV, or farm equipment and move them in and out as needed.

50 x 50 Steel Buildings Are Perfect for Workshops and Retail Spaces

The much-desired 50 x 50 size suits both commercial and personal use.

A 2,500 square feet span gives you freedom of design and the extra space to set up a small business. There’s room to install additional roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and even windows or air conditioning.

Whether you need room for large equipment or a front showroom, these buildings have you covered.

The 50 x 50 size has quickly become the “standard” size in pre-engineered metal buildings because it fulfills size requirements for a number of businesses.

Some popular business applications are retail stores, restaurants, doctors’ offices, auto shops, and company vehicle storage.

With the ability to divide our steel structures into sections and increase building heights, you can erect multipurpose buildings.

50 x 80 Wide Steel Buildings Fit Farm and Office Spaces

This impressive 4,000 square feet space is best for setting up a barn or office space.

You can even use some of the room to set up living quarters. These reliable cold-formed steel building kits can withstand intense weather and shelter livestock from predators and rough weather.

They can also house animals that are recovering from an injury or sickness.

These 50 x 80 buildings are an ideal solution for constructing metal barns, hay storage buildings, or even riding arenas. You can also store your agricultural equipment in these structures.

These buildings are also valuable to those looking for office spaces.

The 50 x 80 size is fully customizable, so you can add door and window openings to fit your particular workspace, be it medical offices, distribution centers, or financial offices.

60 x 100 Metal Structures Offer Ample Space for Commercial Applications

These structures offer ample room and flexibility for several interior layouts.

You can customize the 6,000 square feet space with a wide range of accessories such as trim, vents, windows, skylights, roll-up and walk-in doors, gutters, downspouts, and insulation.

Opting for a self-supporting structure allows you to design the layout without working around interior columns.

Businesses — such as auto service centers, medical practices, restaurants, and furniture stores — can have a front area for customers and a back area for work and storage with a dividable interior.

The 60 x 100 structures are ideal for commercial applications with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

For example, manufacturing units like breweries can safely manage highly hazardous chemicals without confined space risks. You can also add insulation to your building for cold storage use.

This building can support other complex layouts such as inventory storage, administrative offices, loading docks, cafeterias, and more.

Or, you can create outdoor pavilions in parks and schools. By customizing doors, windows, color, and style, you can elevate the look of your business with an attractive storefront.

100 x 200 Buildings Are Great for Warehouses or Large-Scale Agricultural Operations

The possibilities are endless with 20,000 square feet of column-free space.

Such a large space will be ideal for distribution centers, logistic warehouses, or large-scale agricultural operations.

The durable framing of these steel buildings can protect expensive machinery integral to modern agriculture and other industries.

Robust red iron steel building kits are a great choice for such applications. By opting for column-free, more expansive buildings, you can save on the labor costs of moving large equipment back and forth.

These buildings are also ideal for creating mezzanine or upper levels because of their higher ceilings and broader overhead doors.

Choose Any of Spry Steel’s Varying Steel Building Kits for a Versatile Solution

Whether you’re looking for a modest garage, a distribution center, or an imposing warehouse, Spry Steel will help you with the metal building of your dreams.

Our metal buildings are developed by professional engineers and surpass International Buildings Code Standards.

We offer the best, strongest metal buildings and won’t surprise you with hidden costs.

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