Red Iron vs. Tubular Steel: Choosing What’s Right for Your Building

A lot of thought goes into constructing a building the right way.

Besides adhering to local building regulations, you need the right construction materials. The material must withstand extreme weather and provide optimal performance and sustainability. 

That’s where red iron and tubular steel come in. Both materials are weather-resilient, eco-friendly, and durable.

Still, they have a few considerable differences, so how do you determine which is right for your building?

To help you make the right decision, here is a detailed, head-to-head, red iron vs. tubular steel guide.

What Is Red Iron Steel?

Red iron steel is steel that is coated in iron red-oxide. The layer enhances the steel’s aesthetic appeal, but, more importantly, it is a protective barrier against external elements.

The material’s incredible strength and durability make it one of the most sought-after building materials on the market. A red iron steel building serves many purposes, including:

  • Storage buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Industrial plants
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Commercial buildings for businesses
  • Carports and other long-standing structures exposed to harsh weather

What Is Steel Tubing?

Steel tubing is a multipurpose material used in various construction and industrial applications. Unlike red iron steel, steel tubing has a shiny metallic luster since it is galvanized and doesn’t have an oxide coating.

The manufacturing process for structural steel tubing starts with a flat-formed steel plate.

The plate is formed through a roller system and welded using electric resistance welding techniques. The enclosed tube frame is used in the construction of:

  • Carports
  • Barns 
  • Residential buildings 
  • Garages

What To Consider When Choosing the Right Steel for Your Building

Steel is the preferred choice among engineers and architects looking for a flexible, cost-effective, and durable building material.

Using steel for large construction projects makes the project safer and faster to complete. You need fewer storage spaces for building materials.

Unfortunately, not all steel is suitable for your building.

Before starting any steel building project, you must pick the right materials. Red iron and structural steel have unique qualities that make them ideal for different applications.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right steel for your building:

The Size of Your Project

Your project’s size and structural needs often directly determine your choice of construction material. Steel is a popular construction material with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This feature makes steel an essential component in the structural framework of differently sized construction projects. 

Red iron is the ideal steel variety for large construction projects over 100 feet in width. Our red iron kit comes with heavy-duty 24 and 26-gauge PBR metal panels that are custom certified for building engineering.

Meanwhile, tube steel framing is a perfect fit for smaller-scale construction.

The tube frame kit has 2.25 by 2.25-inch square tubing made of 12 or 14 gauge steel along with 29-gauge steel panels. The differently shaped and gauged steel pieces are held firmly in place with high-strength bolts. Using building kits means there is no cutting or welding on site. 

Your Budget

The numerous factors that contribute to the overall cost of your building project include:

  • The price of construction materials 
  • Construction site conditions
  • State and regional regulatory requirements
  • Labor wages
  • Inflation of the economy
  • Engineering review
  • Insurance needs

The material’s buying price, transportation charges, and taxation fees all contribute to the final material cost.

Picking a material offering peak performance, aesthetic appeal, and durability while minimizing cost is key to a successful building project. 

Steel tubing is the least expensive material for small construction projects and comes with a professional erection team when purchased from Spry Steel.

As long as the ground is level, our construction team can assemble the structure on any surface, like dirt, asphalt, gravel, or concrete. 

Our red iron welded I-beams are the perfect fit for your larger structures and come in various configurations.

Both steel kits come as bolt together kits to help lower the cost of on-site labor and construction. 

We offer nationwide delivery to help lower your construction costs by sourcing material from a vendor at affordable prices.

We guarantee delivery of the tube frames in 2 to 4 weeks, while you can expect the heavier red iron beams’ arrival in 10 to 12 weeks.

Pick the perfect color for trims, walls, and roofs from our in-house collection of more than 13 standard color options. 

Weather Conditions

The weather plays a key role in determining the material you use, the construction time frame, and the structure’s longevity.

Excessive rains, harsh winds, and heavy hail can wreak havoc on your building’s structural integrity if you don’t use the correct materials. 

Structural steel naturally provides excellent resistance to extreme heat and robustness against inclement weather.

The material also offers impressive versatility and can be used in different facets of building design. However, ordinary or unprocessed steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion which can alter the material’s quality and shorten its life span.

You can opt for Spry Steel’s red iron building kit, which is resistant to oxidative degradation. The kit comes with a 50-year structural warranty and a 40-year paint guarantee. 

Our tube steel building kit for smaller building projects comes with a 20-year rust warranty and a 10-year limited guarantee on trims and sheeting.

material has undergone unique post-processing to achieve the perfect surface for prolonged service life. Our buildings are engineer certified to the weather conditions for your local county codes. 

Steel is also pest-proof and discourages unwelcome birds and rodents looking for a place to nest.

Get Help Choosing the Right Option for Your Metal Building

Steel doesn’t just make your building safer and sturdier. It also makes the construction process more environmentally friendly and easier to complete.

The type of steel you should choose depends on your individual building requirements, so contact us if you need some help deciding.

Spry Steel has an extensive range of tools, building materials, and expertise for all your steel building needs and the best building material warranties in the business.

Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states to provide expert help in steel construction projects.