Prefab Metal Garage: Key Factors, Costs, and Advantages

Brick and timber used to be the only option when you were building a new garage, but traditional buildings are time-consuming and expensive projects to take on.

In recent years, steel garage buildings have become popular alternative structures due to their advantages over traditional buildings. A prefabricated metal structure is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to add a garage or workshop to any property. 

Traditional vs. Prefab Steel Garages: Key Differences

Key factors to consider when you’re looking to add a garage to your property are:

  • Durability 
  • Local building codes
  • Cost
  • Customizability
  • Time
  • Space

Prefab metal buildings are equal to or better than traditional garages in these categories.

Prefab metal garages are strong and durable. They hold up as well as traditional garages in inclement weather and snow.

At Spry Steel, all of our kits are designed by certified engineers to meet or exceed building code standards for your geographic area, ensuring your new structure is code-compliant. 

Affordable prices are a staple for prefab metal buildings, and they will usually be cheaper than other building options.

Prefab garages are sold as kits, and most of the building materials needed to complete a steel garage are ready to go when ordered.

There is plenty of opportunity to customize a prefab garage, but having most of the materials on hand keeps the cost low and delivery time quick. 

Don’t think just because these buildings are prefabricated that they offer little customization and have strict space requirements. The prefabrication of metal garage buildings is a benefit to those looking to do a lot with little space when building a new garage.

The length, height, doors, and windows on prefab metal garages are easy to customize with a wide variety of colors and styles to make each structure unique. 

Internal space is important when you’re designing a detached garage to hold your personal vehicle and toys. Prefab steel garages offer a completely open floor plan that can be designed and customized to fit your needs.

Depending on the size of the project and the availability of the many contractors needed, traditional garage projects can take weeks or months to complete. 

Additional expenses can pop up with traditional garages and their drawn-out construction timetables. With prefab buildings, all materials needed are delivered by a set date for a set price. And because of their modular design, depending on which type of steel building you go with, prefab buildings can be erected the same day of delivery. 

Another key difference between traditional and prefab garages is the foundation type. Pouring a slab is an expensive requirement for most traditionally built structures.

With prefab tube steel garages, any level surface can be used as a foundation. 

The Advantages of Prefabricated Metal Garage Buildings

Prefabricated metal garage buildings bring simplicity and ease to the process of adding a garage to your property. The price advantage of choosing a prefab metal building alone makes it an excellent decision.

Along with being a cheaper option from the beginning, quality metal garages offer the advantage of being easier to expand upon or replace altogether when your preferences change, or when you need more storage space. 

Prefab metal buildings are customizable and optimized to fit your space as you best see fit. Spry Steel offers a variety of building options, from simple carports and single-slope buildings to gabled buildings, along with a wide selection of customization options at no extra charge. 

Once you decide on the design elements of a prefab metal garage from Spry Steel and place your order, you’re only two to four weeks away from having a completed garage. 

The assembly and erection process is quick and easy for a prefab garage. It’s even easier with Spry Steel. We include free delivery and installation on all tube steel building kits so that your new garage is ready for use within hours of delivery. 

How Pricing Is Determined

Calculating the cost of a prefab metal garage is dependent on many factors and determined on a case-by-case basis. Prefab garage costs will vary according to the material used and the required size of the building.

Square footage, location, steel type, and the current price of steel will determine the final prefab garage cost. 

The best way to check the price is to request a free quote.

Building Design

Spry Steel offers three types of framing systems to best suit your needs:

  • Tube frame: Tube frame is the ideal choice for prefab metal garages and carports. It’s suitable for buildings under 60 feet wide, is the cheapest option, and is available in many designs with customizable roof styles.
  • Cold-formed: Cold-formed seamless I-beams are ideal for larger buildings that are 25 to 100 feet wide, including commercial garages, barndominiums, and two-story buildings. Cold-formed steel buildings come with a 40-year structural and paint warranty. 
  • Red iron: Welded I-beams with a bolt/screw-based construction are great for buildings of any size, but they are ideal for buildings that are more than 100 feet wide. Red-iron steel building kits are the strongest building kits with the largest array of colors, doors, windows, and insulation options. Red-iron buildings come with an extensive 50-year structural warranty and a 40-year paint warranty. Red iron is the best option for industrial and commercial structures.

If you’re still working on the design of the garage or workshop you would like to build, take a look at our online builder tool.


Delivery time is as little as two to four weeks for tube-frame and cold-formed prefab garage buildings. Red-iron prefab metal buildings are delivered in as little as 10 to 12 weeks. Delivery is included in the price for kits bought from Spry Steel. 


Setup is easy with any prefab metal garage kit from Spry Steel. Tube-frame kits include erection in the price. Cold-formed and red-iron buildings can also be erected upon delivery. All Spry Steel building kits require no welding during setup.

You’re in the Right Place for a Durable Prefab Garage Kit

We’ve been building quality prefab metal garage kits for almost a decade at Spry Steel. We pride ourselves on building efficient, code-compliant, durable prefab metal building kits that we complete on time and under budget. 

We’re always happy to help. If you have any questions, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you build the perfect prefabricated metal building to suit your needs.