Metal Shed vs. Wood Shed: Why the Advantage Is With Steel

Building a shed in the backyard is a great way for homeowners to increase their property value while simultaneously gaining a little extra storage space for tools and materials. However, with so many different types of sheds on the market, it’s not always easy to reach a decision on which shed to buy. 

Aside from selecting a shed that fits the size and appearance you’re looking for, it’s always important to consider the type of building material used to construct these small structures.

Essentially, homeowners can choose between traditional wood sheds or modern metal sheds. The type of building material selected will have an impact on the shed’s projected lifespan and ongoing maintenance. 

Read on to learn more about the main advantages of purchasing a metal shed instead of a wood one.

Breaking Away From the Old Wooden Shed Custom

In the past, homeowners would prefer building a wood shed due to the affordability of acquiring the necessary materials. Since lumber prices were much lower decades ago than they are now, wooden sheds became commonplace on properties across the country. 

Today, many homeowners have started to recognize that wood sheds can be quite labor-intensive to maintain. Especially in severe climates, keeping a wood shed in good shape isn’t always easy. In response, steel sheds have consistently risen in popularity as a durable and affordable alternative.

Why Steel Sheds Excel

Steel sheds are far superior to wood in virtually every aspect. To fully appreciate why steel sheds outperform their wooden counterparts, it’s essential to examine the advantages of using quality materials like steel instead of lumber for these types of building projects. 

Here are some of the most useful benefits of buying a steel shed over one made from wood.

They’re Cost-Effective

Modern steel sheds are typically prefabricated according to strict quality controls and precise measurements. With a set of basic tools, most homeowners can put a metal shed together with relatively little assistance. Once assembled, steel sheds can last for decades before requiring any kind of significant repair. 

A steel shed’s overall cost will rarely exceed its initial purchase price, while a wooden shed may require hundreds of hours of labor over the years to keep it in good shape after construction. 

While a wooden shed may begin to rot or show signs of significant wear after 5 to 10 years, an average steel shed will withstand the elements for much longer before any problems arise.

There’s Less Maintenance Involved

Unlike wooden sheds that may be inexpensive to purchase but often come with a ton of extra maintenance needs, steel sheds are fairly affordable up-front and require little upkeep during their long lifespans. This means you won’t need to repaint your steel shed every couple of years to keep it from deteriorating. 

Although you may stand to save some money on initial costs for a standard wooden shed, the amount of work needed to keep your investment safe can quickly become a substantial expense. 

With steel sheds, these long-term maintenance costs are substantially lower. A steel shed only requires a fresh coat of paint every few years to help protect it from rust, and aside from occasionally shoveling snow from the roof, very little work is needed to keep them maintained.

Insects Don’t Favor It

Whether it’s termites, carpenter ants, or beetles, people with wooden sheds often report experiencing pest problems that can undermine the structural integrity of their building. But with steel sheds, insects are never a problem. When you buy a steel shed, you can rest assured there won’t be any critters gnawing away at the foundation or winding their way through the walls, slowly devouring your investment.

To keep wooden sheds protected from insects, it’s imperative to add sealant to the wood once a year or so. After some time, this task can add up to a considerable sum of money and ongoing labor. With metal sheds, there are no cellulose-based materials found in the structure to provide food to insects, so there’s no need to take any precautionary measures.

It’s a Non-Flammable Material

Another major downside to wooden sheds is that they can easily catch fire. Aside from the wood, roof shingles, and siding, the sealants applied to the walls of wood sheds are also highly flammable, potentially allowing a fire to spread rapidly throughout the whole structure. 

Steel sheds, on the other hand, have very little chance of catching fire. Steel sheds are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, so even on the hottest summer day there’s no threat of a stray ember or spark catching fire on metal structures.

They’re Weather-Resistant

Fluctuating temperatures, heavy rainfall, and severe weather events will all take a toll on wooden sheds as time goes on. The smallest leak around a window or in the exterior of a wooden shed can potentially allow moisture to penetrate the structure, leading to mold growth, wood rot, pest problems, and more. 

Steel sheds, on the other hand, are built to withstand these environmental stresses and won’t start falling into disrepair after several seasons of inclement weather. 

In addition, adding insulation to a metal building can help to ensure that the structure maintains a more consistent indoor temperature throughout the year. This ensures that your belongings remain safe and secure regardless of the weather.

Customize the Shed of Your Dreams With a Metal Shed Kit

At Spry Steel, we provide a wide variety of metal shed kits to suit your storage needs and aesthetic taste. From tube-framed carports to larger, seamless i-beam structures, our team of experienced associates will help you select the perfect metal shed for your backyard, farm, or commercial property. 

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Along with a 20-year rust-through warranty and a 1-year workmanship guarantee, our team will also take care of any necessary repairs up to 2 weeks after installation. 

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