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A Polar Steel Building is the ideal solution for a Boat Storage Marina. One big reason is due to the Clear Span Framing feature. Clear Span framing means buildings not only have high ceilings but also lack support columns throughout the structure, which equals zero obstructions. The steel can be coated with zinc to galvanize it and make it extremely resistant to environmental elements of all kinds, like water and salt.

Our Boat Storage Marinas Steel Building Projects

A quick look at the various types of Recreational Steel Buildings created by Polar Steel

Sea Way Marine Storage

Biloxi, Mississippi

This state of the art Steel Building can hold 300 boats up to 40 feet. Keeps the boats safe from the elements and is conveniently located right on the water for quick deployment.

Wilmington Marine Center

Wilmington, North Carolina

Marina with built in restaurant, snacks, bait & tackle for its customers. Ample space for whatever you need and no intrusive support columns in the middle of the building.

Bloomfield Boat Storage

Bloomfield, Connecticut

This gorgeous Marina includes 26,000 square feet, is 45′ high and includes a painting booth. With Polar Steel Buildings we make your dreams a reality.

Surfside Marina

Surfside, Texas

Searing Texas heat and high coastal winds are no match for a galvanized Polar Steel Building here at the Surfside Marina, located in Southeast Texas. Our buildings are pre-engineered to withstand the worst conditions for ultimate, long lasting durability.

Duck Key Marina

Riviera Beach, Florida

Our clients needed to build two Boat Storage Facilities in Florida to accommodate approximately 400 boats which is perfect because we are seasoned pros when it comes to designing salt-water resistant Marine Centers. Polar Steel Buildings is your only source for Steel Boat Storage buildings.

Steel Building Projects