6 Major Advantages of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings are growing in usage and viability for creating spacious offices, warehouses, garages, storage sheds, carports, and other residential and commercial structures. 

Why? Because they offer advantages over existing brick and wood structures.

They can be built faster than traditional buildings, are stronger and more durable, offer higher levels of customization, and require less maintenance.

These advantages show why prefabricated steel buildings are expected to grow in number and value in the coming years. 

Constructed with more durability and environmentally friendly features than other types of buildings, prefabricated steel buildings are useful for companies in a variety of industries.

Maybe that’s why one industry study showed that the global market for pre-engineered buildings will increase by double-digit percentages through 2026, to a value of $26.8 billion. 

You’ve likely seen these prefabricated steel structures in parts of your city or town. In residential use, for example, more homeowners are opting for a metal shed instead of a wood one.

In commercial settings, prefabricated metal buildings are used to create community halls, restaurants, showrooms, factories, storage facilities, and more. 

Let’s check out the key advantages that prefab steel structures offer for residents, commercial enterprises, business groups, and other organizations. 

6 Key Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Buildings 

If you’re considering a prefab building, it’s important to know the advantages that steel buildings offer. Many of our customers often point to the quality, materials, framing, and setup of our building projects.

Yet there are additional advantages for which prefabricated steel buildings are known.

1. Plenty of Customization Options 

Prefabricated metal buildings offer plenty of customization options.

Often, an existing brick or wood structure may not have the right floor space, height, or length, or its interior wiring or lighting system may be outdated and unsuitable. And over time, these buildings are not customizable. 

This is why businesses look into prefabricated steel buildings. They can be easily expanded or reconfigured as the business grows and operational goals change. The steel structures are designed to meet a business’s specific needs, not only today but also into the future. 

Customers can customize their order within our variety of structural frames — like the tube frame, cold-formed I-beam structure, or red-iron seamless I-beam structure. We always seek to meet our customers’ specific needs.

2. Unmatched Durability and Strength 

Steel buildings are strong, durable, and fire-resistant. The strength of steel buildings comes from the steel frame that supports the structure as its foundation.

The frame is made of interlocking I-beam or wide-flange steel members, which are joined together with high-strength bolts. 

Durability is also a feature of custom metal buildings. These structures can withstand Mother Nature’s toughest shots, including heavy winds, extreme temperatures, and heavy snowstorms.

Plus, due to the absence of wood materials, these structures are not susceptible to wood rot or insect damage.

3. Affordable Prices 

In general, pre-engineered steel buildings are more affordable than traditional wood or brick structures.

The average price per square foot of steel is often lower than that of wood. However, some characteristics can either increase or decrease your cost. 

The overall nature of the market can impact steel building costs. It’s been a topsy-turvy few years for the commodities markets, which include building materials like lumber, steel, and more.

Knowing current steel prices is one way to estimate the overall price point for a steel building project. 

Another factor is the amount of building design work required. Are you looking to build a relatively small, lightweight building in a dry, temperate environment or a larger, highly customized steel building in a state with major winds and snowstorms?

Much more structural engineering around the building loads would be involved in that larger building.

The size and features of the prefab steel building may impact your budget, too. What is your desired footprint for the space? What is the expected height, length, and width?

Will you need windows and framing? What type of insulation will you need for heating and cooling? All of these customized features may impact your costs. 

4. Foolproof Building Erection 

What’s attractive about prefabricated steel structures is that a manufacturer can use established prefabrication techniques to construct the concrete molds and steel sections.

Constructing and managing these parts of the project off-site before transporting them helps reduce costs and potential issues around the building site.

Once the parts are constructed in a factory and shipped to the building site, the prefab steel building’s erection becomes a nearly foolproof assembly of materials. Pieces are placed in the right positions and welded together by a team of structural professionals. 

5. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly 

Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in use. Since prefabricated steel buildings are custom-designed, the amount of steel used is often known in advance.

Therefore, there are often few leftover materials to be discarded after construction is completed.

Steel buildings more easily comply with various green building codes and sustainability standards, making these structures more desirable. From an environmental point of view, prefab steel buildings are safer and more sustainable.

Steel buildings do not rot or suffer from mold and mildew, so there is better overall indoor air quality with steel buildings than with wood structures. 

6. Little Maintenance Required 

Steel buildings require little maintenance. Essentially, they have a life span of anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Owners and management can keep the building in good condition to add to its longevity. 

To prevent rust and deterioration, we recommend that a steel structure receive a power wash every year or two to clear away dirt, debris, and other impacted areas. You can clean your building’s interior and exterior with large spray washers, using industrial cleaning agents whenever you see areas of built-up junk, dirt, rust, and deterioration.

Order a Custom-Manufactured Prefab Metal Building Kit

If your next project requires a custom-manufactured steel building, then it’s time to contact Spry Steel to discuss your needs. Our decade of experience in the steel industry provides us with the expertise we need to produce prefab metal buildings on a broad scale. 

We cover a range of projects, from residential and commercial structures to garages, workshops, storage buildings, and more. Let’s discuss your needs, from initial construction plans to the full range of the space, roof, colors, and more. 

You’ll find that our steel building kits are easy to assemble and will arrive with a timely delivery. Contact Spry Steel for a quote on our steel building kits or to learn more about our various types of steel structures. You’ll be happy you did!