5 Important Factors for Calculating Steel Building Costs

The use of steel for building and construction is gaining ground due to its ability to outmatch conventional building materials.

Steel boasts durability, low maintenance, sustainability, and versatility compared to wood and brick.

As a result, manufacturers and contractors can meet almost any client’s unique needs and create beautiful designs and functional structures using steel.

If you’ve heard about the multiple benefits of using steel in construction, you might be considering using it yourself.

The only things that may be holding you back are varying steel building costs.

Calculating the Cost of a Steel Building Project

So, how much will it cost to build a steel building?

There is no specific figure for the price of metal buildings in general.

The exact cost of a steel building will vary according to the material’s availability and your individual needs.

Ideally, you need to decide which materials you want before starting your steel building project to ensure you get the best rates to stay within your budget.

Here are five significant factors to consider when calculating steel building costs:

1. The Square Footage

Steel buildings come in different designs and measurements. Before investing in a metal structure, you must determine its length, height, width, and roof pitch.

These measurements will help you shop for a steel building that will fit on your land.

Typically, manufacturers design steel buildings in square feet to create regular sizes. However, depending on the type of building, you can get any size you want.

To get the maximum value of your building, consider standard sizes rather than irregular sizes.

You can achieve a standard size by rounding up or down different dimensions to match standard measurements.

You will avoid the extra costs of shaping and adjusting the materials to meet custom construction needs.

The cost per square footage will also vary depending on your chosen steel grade.

The expert engineers at Spry Steel can appropriately advise on quality framing systems you can adopt depending on the square feet of your building. 

2. The Type of Building

Different building categories serve different functions. The function of a building dictates the building structure, which affects the overall cost of a metal building.

For example, if you want an RV storage building with a roof only, you can anticipate lower prices than if you built an enclosed one.

Simple building designs come at a lower cost than complex designs. For instance, commercial buildings with a clear span setup will be more economical.

On the other hand, agricultural buildings can be pretty expensive since you will require installations such as animal shelters and seed storage facilities.

The type of a building will also affect its size, which can impact the actual cost of your steel construction building.

Larger buildings will support more weight from occupants and equipment but cost you more to build compared to smaller facilities.

At Spry Steel, we can build several different types of metal buildings.

You can use our online design tool to draft your steel building construction project.

Our designers will review each aspect of your project and recommend possible adjustments to meet all your expectations.

3. The Location of the Building Project

Steel buildings are prefabricated to match different geographical locations. Before starting your steel building construction project, get a building permit from local authorities.

The building permit ensures that your metal building complies with your location’s building codes and guidelines.

Failure to comply can result in heavy penalties and delays in your construction timeline.

The regulations consider extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes, high winds, temperatures, and heavy snow. If you live in areas that experience any of these, you can expect an increase in the final cost to meet required safety standards.

Your building will require heavy gauge steel or specific designs to withstand the extremities.

When you shop with Spry Steel, rest assured that your facility will match your location’s building codes. 

4. Ever-Changing Steel Prices

Steel is subject to unpredictable price changes and can fall or rise dramatically within a short time.

The price of steel varies depending on its availability in the market. When there is mass production of steel, there’s a corresponding price decrease.

Likewise, when there is less steel production, the prices tend to go up.

Besides production, the supply and demand for steel can change due to natural disasters and global inflation.

For instance, increased prices for commodities like fossil fuels will directly affect steel prices due to high transportation costs.

You’ll want to purchase steel when the prices are favorable.

You can watch out for national and global economic changes that drive steel prices up and down.

5. Potential Extra Costs

After buying a steel building, you may want to customize it with unique features to meet your style.

Keep in mind these can add extra costs. Some features include:

  • Windows and doors. Adding these framed openings ensures adequate access and ventilation by free-flowing fresh air. The type of windows and doors plus the installation costs will add to the final price of the building.
  • Aesthetics. You can hire an interior designer to enhance the appearance of your building, including lighting and the type of finish used.
  • Insulation. Maintaining constant internal temperature is essential, especially in residential and agricultural buildings. Insulation keeps the occupants comfortable and prevents moisture accumulation, which is unfavorable for seed storage.

Building a floor that can support the metal building can also add to final costs.

You will need extra funds to clear the building site, buy the foundation materials and pay for labor. Additionally, you may need to hire contractors or another construction business to do the work for you.

If you choose to use outside help, be sure to consider labor costs in your budget.

Get an Accurate Price Range With Spry Steel

Getting a specific price estimate for a steel building can be pretty challenging. Consider the building’s size, type, and location to calculate the cost.

Manufacturers usually quote the price of the steel building only. For this reason, having a budget in mind for the building project as a whole is crucial. 

At Spry Steel, we deliver quality and functional steel building kits to fit your budget.

We ensure timely deliveries, and our steel building kits are easy to assemble. Contact us today to get yourself a reasonable quote for your steel building.